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Boy on tin can phone listening to good news

The importance of listening

It is far more useful and important to listen and find out how other people arrived at their conclusion rather than block it out.

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stopping risk the wooden blocks from falling

What’s next for markets and how to control risk

We are aware that we have discussed risk on a number of occasions in these commentaries but in our line of work, it is a very important issue and one we have continually to consider.

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Millennials sharing content on social network with mobile smart phones

Millennials; the Impact of a Generation

We are all using technology differently and this led to a discussion on the influence of younger generations on the world economy.

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The world’s media remains focused on Coronavirus

As we are all aware coronavirus continues to dominate all forms of media. The papers and news channels seem to report nothing else but coronavirus updates and social media is full of both good and bad news.

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December 2019 Market commentary

“People often talk about the value of thinking outside of the box, but they seldom mention the greater value of thinking as if there is no box!”  From the book Novacene: The coming age of hyperintelligence by James Love

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September 2019 Market commentary

The one thing we are certain about at this moment in time is we have no ability to try and second guess what is happening in Westminster and therefore we have to continue with the agreed strategies and persevere going forward.

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August 2019 Market commentary

“We should not be afraid of being wrong but we should be afraid of persisting in error”. Sir Karl Popper

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Hadrian's Wall

Focusing on growth in Leeds for Charles Stanley

We are proud that we are continuing to grow in the north and are seeking to build more relationships in the area.

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Football image for leeds article

The third annual charity 5-a-side football tournament, supporting The Hunslet Club

The event organised by Charles Stanley Wealth Managers, took place on 23rd May 2019.

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“It’s only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” Warren Buffett

Simon Martin from the Leeds Office of Charles Stanley offers up his latest market commentary.

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Confused/ wall drawings

“If I don’t like the way the times are moving, I shall refuse to accompany them.” Rumpole of the Bailey

Simon Martin from the Leeds Office of Charles Stanley offers up his latest market commentary for clients and prospective clients.

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Graphics and chart infographic

Why things may not be quite as bad as many people fear! Market Commentary February 2019.

In the final quarter of 2018 market sentiment fell towards rock bottom, leaving many funds and portfolios nursing losses over the calendar year. Now that we have seen a recovery, we felt that it was sensible to review the situation and assess whether this is a sustained recovery or a short-term blip.

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