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Pension drawdown calculator

Our drawdown calculator shows you whether your existing retirement income is sustainable given your current level of investments and any potential growth. It will also show you how much to save to meet your retirement goals.

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Before you begin

This is based upon certain assumptions and expected growth rate of the investments which has been input.
Please review the assumptions and certain risk warnings found within relevant sections within the calculator.

Your current situation

What is your sex?

What is your date of birth?


Age on your next birthday

What rate of tax do you pay?

At what age do you plan to retire?

Years funding

How much is your existing pension fund?

Growth rate

Projected Fund

Your future situation

Life expectancy age

Expected tax paying rate at retirement

Net 'income' required in today's value

Gross 'income' required in today's value

Projected Fund required

Your shortfall

Below outlines the additional money you will need to get you to the required fund for retirement.

Gross regular contribution per month

Contribution p/m net of income tax

Your Withdrawal Breakdown

Withdrawals are assumed to be taken annually at the start of the year.

Withdrawal Summary

The withdrawal values are in today’s terms, allowing for inflation.

Age Withdrawal Fund remaining

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