Establishing stage: 55 to 65

Establish your financial plans

As family life changes and you start to think about stepping back from work or retiring completely, you’ll want to make sure any decisions you make are backed by solid financial plans.

Take stock and think of the future

In your mid-50s to mid-60s you could experience many changes to home, family and career. It’s a good time to take stock and assess where you are in your life and what your financial plan needs to deliver going forward.

Changing family landscape

With your children having flown the nest, a four or five bedroom property can suddenly seem overwhelming. As many people hit their 50s or 60s downsizing to a smaller property can mean less maintenance and help boost finances.

High disposable income

After you’ve paid off the mortgage and your children have left home, you might be wondering what to do with the extra cash. Investing the money could help make your retirement that little bit easier.

Evolving career, new horizons

Even as you near retirement, learning new skills can keep your career thriving. You may even be considering changing careers for a more relaxing change of pace. Non-exec roles, consulting and training may offer opportunities.

Consolidating wealth and retirement income

Consolidating your wealth can help ensure your financial stability for the future. If you have several pensions now can be a good time combine them all into one as this can help you keep track of and manage your savings more easily.

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Maintain your financial goals

From keeping an eye on how you spend your pension, to thinking about long-term investment, there are ways to keep up the momentum when it comes to the most effective financial plan for you.

Pension decumulation

What sort of retirement can I afford?

When thinking about how to draw an income from your retirement savings, professional advice can make sure you take the right decisions for you and your family.

Financial Planning Service

A carefully designed financial plan can give you the freedom to do even more of the things you want to do – and maybe even things you never thought possible.

Bespoke Investment Service

Entrust a dedicated expert to make investment decisions on your behalf. We’ll monitor and adjust your portfolio to make sure you do not miss out on appropriate opportunities or are exposed to unnecessary risks.

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