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Get informed about what you need to know about your finances at this point in your life and find out how Financial Planning and Investment Management services could help you.

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Find out what you need to know

Your life priorities, financial circumstances and needs change through your life, meaning there are different financial aspects you will need to consider.

Start your financial journey

Foundation stage: 20s

Managing your finances in your 20s isn’t always a priority even though you may be taking on your own financial responsibilities for the first time; it's good to start with the basics.

Build on your foundation

Accumulation stage: 30 to 40

Even when day-to-day life is really busy, it’s important to keep your financial future in focus with things like pension planning and making the most of other tax-efficient investments.

A time for growth

Growth stage: 40 to 55

They say life begins at 40, and these peak earnings years are a good opportunity to enjoy your hard-earned money and maximise your savings and investments.

Establish your financial plans

Establishing stage: 55 to 65

As family life changes and you start to think about stepping back from work or retiring completely, you’ll want to make sure any decisions you make are backed by solid financial plans.

Time to enjoy your retirement

Preservation & Reward stage: 65 to 75

Now’s the time to enjoy the financial security that’s come from your hard work and careful financial plans by using your savings and investments in the most efficient ways to enjoy your life.

The key to conservation

Conservation stage: 75+

In your later years, you’ll be thinking about what you can give to others now and in the future, and organising your assets to make sure your family don’t pay more tax than they need to.

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Tools to help you

Use one of our calculators to answer your financial questions, such as how much money will you have for your retirement and will your estate be liable for inheritance tax?

Pension Contribution Calculator

Find out how much you will need to save each month to provide you with a sustainable income at retirement.

Inheritance Tax Calculator

Get an estimate of your Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability on death.

Drawdown Calculator

Find out how much you money you will have for your retirement and how much you can draw upon for a sustainable income.

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