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Our focus on clients has endured for more than 200 years and has helped to make us one of the UK’s leading wealth management firms.

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Established in 1792

Charles Stanley origins lie in a banking partnership established in Sheffield in January 1792.

The bank prospered, as did the Stock Exchange investment business; by the 1830s this had grown to the point where a Director was needed in London to handle it, so Charles Stanley himself travelled south to London.

Over the years, the world and the business evolved. In 1947 Evelyn Stanley, Charles’s grandson, made Seymour Howard a senior partner, and the Howard family continued the family tradition of working for Charles Stanley. Seymour’s grandson was our Chairman until the acquisition of Charles Stanley by Raymond James in January 2022.

Since the foundation of Charles Stanley in 1792, we’ve witnessed many changes and challenges, not least in the last couple of decades. Today we are investing in our future, embracing technology and innovation and adapting to changes in society at a pace not seen before. This is an exciting time to be at Charles Stanley as we continue to evolve to best serve our clients for the next 200 years to come.

Paul Abberley


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Today, Charles Stanley is one of the UK’s leading wealth management firms

We provide a range of financial planning and investment management services to national charities, trusts, financial advisers and professional institutes.

Our principal business remains as it was over 200 years ago, the provision of a high-quality and personal service to our private clients.

Charles Stanley’s many generations of colleagues have maintained an overriding commitment to excellent client care.

The stewardship of our company has been passed down through the generations of both the Stanley and Howard families. Family values are something we hold close to our company values and allow us to create a greater level of understanding of how our clients feel passing on wealth, values and wisdom through generations.

Over 200 years of client care

Our 200 year history means we have also had to weather some storms, from economic disasters to wars, supporting our clients, colleagues and partners along the way.

We have our own rich history, but we have been part of it too. In 1870, according to popular legend, Charles Stanley was Barclays bank’s very first customer. Furthermore, on 3rd November 1886 the firm registered its telegraphic address as “Chastons” – said to be the first telegraphic address ever filed. The original registration card is still held in the Post Office records.

Sir Seymour, Sir Edward and Sir David Howard have all followed each other’s footsteps leading Charles Stanley as well as each being appointed as Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London.

Passing on wealth is more than money, we pass on our values, knowledge and experiences, all of which allow the next generation to prosper further.