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Investment name Total ongoing charges Fund type Domicile
Charles Stanley Multi Asset Cautious Fund 0.76% UCITS OEIC UK
Charles Stanley Multi-Asset Moderate Fund 0.82% UCITS OEIC UK
Charles Stanley Multi Asset Growth Fund 0.87% UCITS OEIC UK
Charles Stanley Multi-Asset Adventurous Fund 0.87% UCITS OEIC UK
Charles Stanley Equity Fund 1.02% UCITS OEIC UK
Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund 1% UCITS OEIC UK


We’re proud to be shortlisted and winners of many awards and accolades, as they showcase the value of our esteemed colleagues and the high-quality services we provide by both our industry peers and clients themselves.

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2022 Best Broker for Funds
2021 Best Fund for our Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund

Our investment philosophy & process

We believe in taking a long-term approach focusing on providing inflation-beating performance through a diversified portfolio of global assets.

We focus on strategic asset allocation as the primary driver of returns and managing risk, and we maintain flexibility to adjust positioning according to market conditions. Our multi-asset strategies are implemented through a blend of passive and active funds, with the capacity to invest directly in individual equities and fixed income securities.

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