Foundation stage: 20s

Start your financial journey

Managing your finances in your 20s isn’t always a priority even though you may be taking on your own financial responsibilities for the first time; it's good to start with the basics.

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This is your life

You’re likely to build your career and become financially independent from your parents during this time. When it comes to financial planning and where to invest your money in your 20s, while there may be fun things you want to spend money on, it’s also a good time to start saving for a house deposit.

Lifestyle needs

For many young adults just starting their careers, money can be tight. Expenses and purchases can significantly eat into a budget, making long-term savings or retirement goals low on the financial list of priorities.

First-time buyer

You may find yourself squeezed out of the property market due to soaring house prices and deposits. It’s important to start saving for a deposit as soon as possible if you want to get your foot on the property ladder.

Career choices

Even though you may not know every possible turn your career may take you, the choices you make in your 20s can have a lasting impact on your future finances. So it’s crucial you make the right decisions about your job.

Financial independence

Student loans and high rents have forced many in their 20s to move back home with their parents. Financial planning in your 20s is a smart move, giving you time to plan your way to achieving financial independence.

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Free financial resources to help you

Our experts have put together a range of free resources to support you through your financial journey in your 20s and beyond.

Are your finances in shape?

The investment world can be complex at times, so it’s advised to plan out your personal finances before investing. This could include setting up an emergency fund, paying off debts, or starting a pension. Our free financial health checklist includes:

  • How to think about your financial plan
  • Guidance around wills, insurance, and tax
  • How to invest safely
  • Protecting against fraud

Am I managing my money effectively?

We all have different situations, finances, and plans, but there are common aspects of our finances that we all should check are in order.

How can we help you create a secure financial future?

Sometimes all you need to get your financial goals on track is a step in a right direction. Our range of services and accounts can help you manage your money more effectively in your 20s.

OneStep Financial Coaching

Gain clarity around your money situation with Financial Coaching. Speak to a real, qualified expert free of charge, who will help you take the next steps with confidence.

  • You’ll speak to a financial coach who has experience dealing with personal finance, investing, retirement and tax questions.
  • Your financial coach will provide useful resources to help you on your way. If you need additional support, we'll recommend the best service to suit your needs.
  • Your first 15 minutes is free, after which you can choose to book a 1-hour coaching session to delve deeper into your financial situation (£150 incl. VAT).
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Stocks & Shares ISA

Make your savings work harder with our flexible ISA

  • You can shelter up to £20,000 each tax year.
  • No capital gains tax on profits.
  • No tax on dividends from shares or the income earned on bonds.
  • An ISA is in your name only.
  • If you’re looking to invest tax efficiently and want flexibility to access your money when you need it.
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Start investing today

Open your investment account in minutes with our secure platform and app. Build your portfolio from over 12,500 UK & International Shares, Funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts.

  • Competitive charges
  • Safe and secure
  • Monthly investing
  • Award-winning service

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