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Read Clive's story about how he helped Robert start passing on his wealth to his daughter after the birth of his grandchild. Besides passing on his money, he wants to pass on his values about hard work and responsibility. Request a call back Bespoke Investment Service

Long lasting relationship

I’ve been helping Robert plan and invest his money for more than 30 years now, alongside his solicitor, who provides legal, tax planning and structuring advice.

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Over this time, we’ve built up a close and trusting relationship

which has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of Robert’s situation and what he wants to achieve.

The main advantage of starting to plan your finances early in life is that it gives you the widest range of possible solutions for how to pass on your wealth.

Robert’s plans changed a few years ago following the birth of his first grandchild. He decided that he wanted to be able to see his family enjoy his money while he’s still alive – and make sure there are no unexpected tax bills after he dies. We’ve helped Robert give money to his children and grandchildren tax efficiently by taking advantage of all his annual gift allowances, reliefs and exemptions.

Working with professionals

Working with his solicitor, we’ve also set up a series of trusts, which are very effective tools, and have also been a great way of getting the rest of his family involved.

I’ve also set up a Junior ISA, and included the shares of some familiar companies in the portfolio, such as Disney. By using more familiar companies, he’ll be able to talk to his granddaughter about investing in a way she’ll understand; 

thus passing on more than just his money – his financial knowledge, which Robert and his family hugely value.

Passing on more than wealth

Robert is interested in investing and likes to call me to talk about his investments.

However, he doesn’t need to spend time keeping on top of everything because I manage his portfolio. I send him regular updates, and our conversations make it easy for him to tell me if any of his family’s circumstances change. 

Robert likes being involved but ultimately I’m responsible for all the day-to-day decisions.

As well as passing on his money, Robert wants to pass on his values about hard work and responsibility, which are ideas that guide all our decisions.

Clive Worlock

Please note the client names in this story have been changed

About Clive

"My favourite part of my role is the operational autonomy which allows me to take full responsibility for servicing my clients and I can take on the dual roles of investment and relationship manager"

Clive joined Charles Stanley in 2011. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, a Member of Investment Strategy Committee, and sits on UK and International Equity Strategy Committees. Clive has specialist expertise in Technical Analysis and Behavioural Finance.

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