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On-demand webinar: Investment market trends and predictions

Watch as our experts discuss the themes that are expected to impact personal finances and investments over 2024.

10th Jan 2024 Webinar

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Growth: a news year’s wish

What factors are likely to impact your investments and personal finances next year? Will we see growth or shallow recession? Will inflation strike back? And what will be the impact be on your saving and investment decisions?

Which investment trends are on the horizon?

After another year of or financial pressures and uncertainty, most investors will be looking forward to seeing growth on the horizon and the opportunities that come with it.

But as hopes of an economic recovery start to build, watch our experts as they discuss the investment themes that are expected to impact markets over 2024.

Watch the webinar

catch up today with our engaging and interactive session as our experts cover:

  • Our market outlook for next year – including our top themes for 2024
  • What this means for your personal finances and investments:
  • What next for inflation and interest rates?
  • Are you holding too much cash?
  • Is this the right time for bonds?
  • Multi-Asset Fund update – what we’re doing to capture opportunities in the market

Our experts also answered attendees’ market related questions in our Q&A.

Meet the hosts

Erica Whyte

Erica Whyte


Erica is a presenter and digital content creator from Toronto, Canada. Prior to her role as Spokesperson and Head of Content Strategy at Charles Stanley, Erica was a live events host and reporter in various cities in the United States.

Rob Morgan

Rob Morgan

Chief Analyst

Rob has over 20 years' experience in Financial Services and has worked as a financial adviser, pension specialist and investment analyst. He currently specialises in researching actively-managed funds and he regularly writes about investments, markets and personal finances.

Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell

Head of Research and Chief Investment Officer

Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in investment and management roles at some of Australia’s largest asset management companies. He was CIO for the Suncorp Group, the largest general insurance group in Australia, as well as BT Financial Group, the wealth and asset management arm of Westpac, one of Australia’s big four banks. Prior to that he held leadership roles in the areas of tactical asset allocation, collectives research and fixed interest portfolio management. He holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in pure and applied mathematics roles from the University of Western Australia and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Benedict Tottman

Benedict Tottman

Multi Asset Strategist & Portfolio Manager

Benedict joined Charles Stanley in August 2021 as an investment strategist and is responsible for producing thematic macroeconomic and market research. Benedict works on asset allocation design and is a member of the Asset Allocation Committee and the Investment Strategy Forum. Before Charles Stanley, Benedict worked at River and Mercantile as an investment consultant. He has a first-class honours degree in Management from the London School of Economics and is a CFA Charter holder.

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