A family affair

Read Katie’s story of how she helped a family for over 20 years, passing on their wealth through generations and help them understand the benefits and responsibilities that come with being relatively wealthy. Request a call back Bespoke Investment Service

Create a secure future for your family

People choose to invest for many reasons, and one of the main aims is usually to create a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

There are often specific points along their investment journey, such as generating funds for education, property, or travel as well as providing for unexpected expenses throughout life.

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Long lasting personal relationship

When I joined Charles Stanley in 2001 and helped open an office in Tunbridge Wells, one of the families I worked with at a previous firm decided to stay as my clients.

I already had a strong relationship with them, having known them since the late 1990s.

My first contact with the family was through Stuart and his wife, Anne. Sadly, Stuart passed away a few years ago and Anne is now 95. Stuart’s sister, Isobel, is also one of my clients and is now 97. When the siblings inherited money from their parents in the 1950s and 1960s, they invested some of their wealth to provide for future generations.

Custodians of the family wealth

Now, Anne and Isobel are effectively custodians of their family’s wealth, looking after it for the younger generations.

I’ve got to know the family individually at various stages of their lives and have also introduced them to one of our financial planners, Mia Kahrimanovic. We have worked with Anne and Stuart’s children, Harry and Amelia, as well as Amelia’s children, Claire and David. As Harry and Amelia have power of attorney over their mum and aunt’s affairs. Mia and I meet regularly with them to chat about anything related to their finances – from residential care home fees to the costs of private education and buying a new car.

Over the years, we’ve encouraged the family to talk about their money.

The meaning of wealth

We have also helped Claire and David understand the benefits and responsibilities that come with being relatively wealthy, and how I can help manage their investments.

That often means striking a balance by allowing themselves to enjoy spending money today, while also making sure there’s enough left for tomorrow.

As I’ve known the family for so long, I’ve been there for them as they’ve reached some significant milestones in their lives. Together with Mia, we have helped both Claire and David with funds for property purchases over the past few years, and we’ve also seen the family grow with the birth of Claire’s son, Myles.

We have worked with them through more challenging times too. Isobel is now in care and recently sold her flat. Following this, I helped the family invest the proceeds from the sale into her portfolio.

This means the family's money can continue to support Isobel with an income, while also being invested for the next generation.

Katie Presland

Please note the client names in this story have been changed

About Katie

"My favourite part of my role is the variety of people I get to work with. People choose to invest for many reasons and I enjoy those individualisms."

Katie joined Charles Stanley in 2001, opening our Tunbridge Wells branch. Her career in the industry has spanned over 25 years and she is well regarded and known within the investment community. Katie recently stepped down as President of the South East Branch for the CISI after 2 years and she was Vice-President for the previous 3 years.

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