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Don't just invest for the short term

Investing isn’t typically something you can do for a short period of time and expect to make a significant amount of money.

It’s best approached as a long-term process, which requires patience and commitment – as well as the ability to keep calm when financial markets fluctuate, as they inevitably will.

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Getting to know Linda

I first spoke to Linda when she called the Charles Stanley general enquiries line in 2015. She talked about her family, career and financial situation, and explained that she wanted to invest some of her money.

Choosing an investment manager is a big decision, so I invited Linda to our offices to meet in person and find out a bit more about us.

Linda doesn't have the time to manage her own investments

Linda told me she likes to know what’s happening in financial markets, but knows how much time and effort it takes to keep on top of the latest events in order to stay informed. After discussing the different routes available and what she wanted to achieve, Linda decided to open a general investment account with us, and asked me to manage the portfolio on her behalf.

Although Linda has delegated the day-to-day investment decisions to me, I call her regularly so she knows what we’re doing. This also gives her an opportunity to talk about the markets and find out what we think.

Our personal approach has helped Linda build trust in Charles Stanley’s ability to look after her money with skill, care and attention to detail – and given her the confidence to invest more with us.

Bringing the family into the conversation

Linda asked if she could bring her children and their partners along to our client conference as they hadn’t worked with a wealth manager before. The event was a great opportunity to introduce them to some straightforward principles surrounding financial planning and investing.

After the conference, we decided it would be a good idea for the team to meet the whole family, including one of our financial planners, Mia Kahrimanovic. We talked about a range of issues, from Linda downsizing to a smaller property when she retires, to Tessa, her eldest, getting married and how Linda could help her.

Linda really appreciated us including her family in this conversation because it helped her talk about what she wants to do with her money now and in later life.

Over the past few years, Linda’s children have opened their own accounts with us and we’ve developed strong relationships with the family as a whole.

They’re all reassured that when any one of us isn't available, there’s always someone they know and trust here to talk to about their investments.

Jeremy Robinson

Please note the client names in this story have been changed

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About Jeremy

"My favourite part of my role is building relationships with my clients and helping them achieve their financial goals."

Jeremy joined Charles Stanley in March 2005 and is the Director of Private Clients and Chartered Fellow of the CISI. He has previously worked as a Financial Advisor and is a member of the Charles Stanley Collectives Committee. Jeremy enjoys working with families and entrepreneurs.

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