Unpicking the frenetic market action of recent weeks

In our latest episode of Charles Stanley Radio, we cover the recent market gyrations, including the frenetic action which we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.

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People are waking up to the bad news, which has been the hallmark of this year, so far.

Listen in to Chief Investment Commentator, Garry White and Chief Global Strategist, John Redwood as they sit down for a whistle-stop global tour, touching on the Federal Reserve’s role in the high inflation we're currently seeing globally and their response, President Xi’s ambitions of power and the impact of China’s Covid zero-case policy, how Europe’s markets are holding up with the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and Russia’s dwindling options for a route out of the war.

    All this change in the world that is happening will create opportunities

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    Unpicking the frenetic market action of recent weeks

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