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Divorce and finances – how to sort out the assets when a marriage ends

Going through a divorce is a stressful transition but there are some important considerations which can be taken into account early in the separation process to minimise complications down the line.

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It's those tax cuts again

John Redwood, Charles Stanley’s chief global strategist, on US tax reforms.

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Why the oil price is now in a bear market

The price of crude has slipped into bear market territory this week, despite Opec’s attempt to boost the price ahead of the flotation of Saudi Aramco. What caused it – and will it reverse anytime soon?

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Investing Pension Lump Sums

Your pension is probably one of the largest assets you have. In many cases, the value of a person’s pension can exceed the value of their house.

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Creating income from investments

As interest rates fall, investors and savers with cash on deposit withdraw their cash, and seek alternative uses for it.

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Paying for care fees? Read this first

It is a sad fact that the number of people in the UK needing to be looked after in a care home is rising, and the trend is only going one way – upwards.

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A new world order?

John Redwood, Charles Stanley’s chief global strategist, looks at the current state of the transatlantic EU/US alliance.

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Energy, climate change and the US

John Redwood, Charles Stanley’s chief global strategist, says markets are left in a dilemma now that the US is pulling out of the Paris Accord.

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