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The Collectives Portfolio Service

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The Collectives Portfolio Service

The Collectives Portfolio Service is a discretionary investment management service, which invests solely in funds and provides clients with a managed exposure to best-in-class third party fund managers.


Using collective investment schemes is a popular way of investing for the long-term and an efficient way to spread risk. Your portfolio will be constructed and monitored by a dedicated team of Charles Stanley investment managers and analysts who conduct extensive research to identify the most rewarding investment opportunities. Our aim is to satisfy your investment objectives whilst taking an appropriate level of risk.


Our team of seven investment managers and analysts has over 100 years of combined experience and draws upon the expertise of investment specialists, strategists and economists from across the Charles Stanley Group and beyond. The collectives team advises on more than £7 Billion held through Charles Stanley (as at 30th June 2016) and enjoys excellent access to fund managers from across the industry, encompassing both onshore and offshore funds. The team is focused on implementing a robust asset allocation process and then identifying the very best funds in each asset class, to reflect this asset allocation and provide the opportunity for optimal performance whilst taking into account portfolio risk.


We provide investment flexibility by offering portfolios across income, growth and balanced objectives intertwined with a specific risk profile. That's why we take into account three strategic investment objectives and four levels of risks to create twelve different model portfolios for you to select from, according to your requirements.

Objective Risk Profile
  Lower Medium Low Medium High Higher



Having established the strategic and tactical asset allocations, which are underpinned by our macroeconomic and market views, the CPS team constructs the twelve model portfolios. Each portfolio is designed to provide:

  • An outcome aligned to investment objectives
  • A controlled risk framework
  • A strategy attuned to prevailing market conditions
  • Diversification

Each portfolio is created using qualitative and quantitative research techniques designed to identify market-leading funds. To augment and perfect this process, the CPS team conducts over 300 face-to-face meetings with fund managers each year. Find out more about what makes our investment process unique in our Collectives Portfolio Brochure.

Our Collectives Portfolio Service has been benchmarked with investment services across the UK, by independent financial research and software company Defaqto, and has received a 5 Star rating.

  • 1

    A comprehensive and actively managed investment solution.

  • 2

    Portfolios to suit your risk appetite and investment objectives.

  • 3

    Actively managed asset allocation across multiple asset classes.

  • 4

    Access to market-leading fund managers.

  • 5

    Detailed biannual valuations and reporting.

  • 6

    Online access to portfolio valuations.

  • 7

    Full transparency of the portfolio composition and activity.

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