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Off the top

An interesting day of economics in the markets as the FTSE100 slipped off its highs - Jeremy Spain updates on the bond markets and reviews the press flow out this morning...

Greece: Not dead, just sleeping!

Jeremy Batstone-Carr, Director of Private Client Research says that risk assets may have cheered the apparently successful dodging of another bullet but some stark truths remain about the Greek problem.

Market News

Three ways to save inheritance tax

Inheritance tax can cost your loved ones hundreds of thousands of pounds in the event of your death, but with the right forward planning it is possible to significantly reduce or even...

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The case for shares

John Redwood, Chairman of the Investment Strategy Committee for Charles Stanley Pan Asset argues that the case for investing in shares is solid.

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Latest Press Releases

Friends of Guildford Cathedral

The Charles Stanley Guildford Office recently attended a dinner at the House of Commons in support of the Friends of Guildford Cathedral - here Louis Coke from the oofice reports on a...

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Outstanding Exam Results

Congratulations are in order to the following Charles Stanley employees who have aced the recent CISI examinations

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