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On-demand webinar: Global market outlook for 2024

Watch as our Chief Investment Officer and Chief Investment Commentator discuss the investment themes that are expected to impact markets over 2024.

10th Jan 2024 Webinar

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2024: A new hope or will inflation strike back?

What factors are likely to impact stock markets next year? Are we hopeful of growth or on course for slowdown? Will we see changes in governments in the UK and US? Will global conflicts escalate or stalemate? And when will the fight against inflation be won?

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As hopes of an economic recovery start to build, Chief Investment Commentator, Garry White and Chief Investment Officer, Patrick Farrell kicked off 2024 by sitting down to discuss the investment themes that we expect to effect markets next year. 

Our experts covered:

  • 2023 review – what performed well and what didn’t
  • Our market outlook for 2024 – including our top themes
  • Will inflation be brought under control? and when will interest rates start to fall?

Our experts will also answer attendees’ market related questions in our Q&A, although please note they cannot provide individual financial advice.

Meet the hosts

Garry White

Garry White

Chief Investment Commentator

Currently Chief Investment Commentator at wealth manager Charles Stanley, I have spent most of my career as a financial journalist. Previously the share tipster at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph - recommending equity investments in a daily column, and European market commentator at Standard & Poor's, I have been looking at equity markets for more than 20 years. A scientist by training, I now seek to identify long-term trends, as well as uncovering the meaning behind unusual market movements. Today I want to look at the trend that have driven markets over the last ten years, with an emphasis on technology, then ask what the future holds for one of the most important sectors in markets today.

Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell

Head of Research and Chief Investment Officer

Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in investment and management roles at some of Australia’s largest asset management companies. He was CIO for the Suncorp Group, the largest general insurance group in Australia, as well as BT Financial Group, the wealth and asset management arm of Westpac, one of Australia’s big four banks. Prior to that he held leadership roles in the areas of tactical asset allocation, collectives research and fixed interest portfolio management. He holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in pure and applied mathematics roles from the University of Western Australia and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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