We Need To Talk About Investing podcast series

Are you new to investing and don’t know where to start? Our podcasts can help set you on your way.

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Episode 1: Investing For Beginners

Calling all beginner investors! In the first episode of our brand new series, 'We Need To Talk About Investing', beginner investor Erica Whyte speaks with Rob Morgan to break down the usual myths of investing. Together they discuss the pros and cons of cash, the natural up and down cycle of the market and how being a small investor is not a disadvantage.

Episode 2: What is Inflation?

In episode 2 of We Need To Talk About Investing, Erica and Rob ask What is inflation? The beginner podcast episode includes the pair explaining what inflation is and how it can impact cost of living, interest rates and the financial markets. And for those who have recently received a bonus, Erica and Rob also look at options for where a bonus or lump sum could be allocated.

Episode 3: The Gender Investment Gap

Whether it be the financial industry's perceived male-focused messaging, the off-putting and confusing jargon, or simply the lack of financial education in schools, it's a fact that women are less likely to invest in men. And it's this gender investment gap that can be putting women at financial risk in the long term.

In the latest episode of We Need To Talk About Investing (investing basics you wished you'd learned in school), Erica and Rob are joined by Investment Manager, Tsitsi Mutiti to explain and discuss the gender investment gap and provide some helpful tips to overcome the barriers to investing.

Episode 4: What are ETFs?

In episode 4, Erica and Rob discuss all about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs provide broad market exposure, they are a great avenue for diversification, they are comparatively cheap, they've historically performed well, and they're easy to purchase.

So, they are ideal for passive buy-and-hold investors, for people who have small pots to work with, or for people who don't want to do a huge amount of research. Plus, investment legend Warren Buffett is known to be a fan of them.

Are you a beginner investor?

Always wanted to invest but didn't know where to start? Follow Erica's Investment Journey to get educated, learn the risks and what you need to get started with investing.

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We Need To Talk About Investing podcast series

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