Pension accumulation

Will I have enough for the retirement I want?

When it comes to planning your retirement, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. We’ll help you take control, so you have financial security and flexibility over when and how you retire.

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Benefits of the service

A solid financial plan for your retirement

Working together we’ll help you gain a better understanding of your pension savings by:

Crunching the numbers to work out how much money you have now and how much you’ll need before you can stop working or take a step back.

Making the most of all your tax allowances so you can save and invest in the most tax-efficient way.

Looking at all your pensions and investments together, so you’ll be able to work out how your savings are stacking up.

Creating an investment plan so you can have the retirement you want.

Have you saved enough for your retirement?

Use our pension contribution calculator to understand how much money you’ll have for your retirement. Speak to our planners to explore how we can help you secure the lifestyle you want.

Why our foundation retirement service could be ideal for you

Whether retirement feels like a long way off or just a few years away, we’re here to help you create a financial plan for your retirement.

You want to know when you can retire

Figure out when you want to stop working and how much money you’ll need to support the lifestyle you want.

You have several pension funds and other accounts

Take control of different pensions as well as any other savings and investments you may already have.

You’re looking to maximise your savings for retirement

Create a savings and investment plan that makes the most of your tax-free allowances.

You want to ensure your retirement plans are on track

Make sure your plan remains on track and think about the best ways to close any funding gap should one arise.

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What can you expect?

For a one-off fee, our planners will help you understand your current situation, how much you have in your pension pot and what that means for your retirement.

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