Investment Review Service

Make sure your investments are working for you. Get a better insight into how you are managing your investments with our Investment Review Service.

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How does the Investment Review Service work?

A simple outcomes-based review of your portfolio of investments. For an annual fee of £360, our Financial Professionals will help you understand your investments, highlighting their performance and risk and giving you invaluable insight going forward.

Holistic view of your investments

We will gather information on all your investments held with us. To make best use of the service we would ask that you supply details on your investments held with other providers, but it is not compulsory.

Detailed portfolio report

We will provide you with your Investment Review Report, including the combined value, risk and performance of your investments. This will include visualisations of your portfolio breakdown, split by asset class, geography and sector.

One-to-one meeting

Access information to help you understand whether your investments are aligned to the amount of investment risk you are willing and able to take; allowing you to make informed investments decisions to structure your portfolio to meet your needs.

Time to implement

We'll set up a one-hour review meeting with one of our Financial Professionals where you can discuss the report and ask questions. This meeting will not provide you with investment recommendations, however if we identify changes are required as a result, we will discuss the options available to you.

Investment Review Service

Are your investments meeting your expectations?

Whether you have had a change in personal circumstance, or you want to ensure your investments will support your retirement, an Investment Review can help you understand if your portfolio is meeting your expectations.

Get a comprehensive annual review of your existing investments analysing performance and highlighting the level of risk your portfolio is exposed to.

Access information to help you understand whether your investments are aligned to the amount of risk you are willing and able to take.

Understand how you are diversifying your portfolio by assessing your asset allocation.

Learn how to structure your portfolio to meet your personal and financial needs.

Your annual review will not provide you with investment recommendations but we will discuss the options available to you.

The review process is not a top to bottom review of your financial position and circumstances.

An investment portfolio review is ideal if you

Don't have the time to manage your investments

It's tough managing investments when there are other priorities in life. An annual report can help you analyse performance and risk exposure, so you can feel confident in your investments.

You are looking for additional guidance

If you are comfortable in managing your investments but want more information about your portfolio, we can help you decide what to do next.

You want to ensure your investments are on track

If you want to get better insight into the performance of your investments, we'll provide detailed visualisations and tips to understand your portfolio make-up and asset allocation.

More insights

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