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Our curated list of preferred investment ideas covering funds and investment trusts allow you to filter by investment type or sector and find options for responsible investing.

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Our Preferred List

Experienced Collective Research Team

Compiled by our experienced Collectives Research Team and designed to provide a helpful shortlist of investment options for the consideration of investors who wish to make new cash investments.

For Direct Investment Clients

Aimed at clients who are self-directed, non-advised investors, undertaking their own research and seeking ideas for exposure to certain investment sectors as part of a diversified portfolio.

Not a personal recommendation

The investments on the list should always be considered only from the perspective of making new cash investments. Removal of a fund from this list should not be viewed as a suggestion or recommendation to sell holdings.

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We have 77 investments for you to choose from
Investment name Management group Type Total ongoing charges Sector/Geography
BlackRock European Dynamic BlackRock Actively managed 1.23% Europe
BlackRock Frontier Markets IT BlackRock Investment Managemen Actively managed 1.89% Global Emerging Markets
BlackRock Gold & General BlackRock Actively managed 1.6% Specialist
BNY Mellon Sustainable Real Return BNY Mellon Fund Managers Ltd Actively managed 1.18% Targeted Absolute Return
Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth Brown Advisory LLC Actively managed 0.88% North America
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable Global Equity EdenTree Investment Management Actively managed 0.78% Global
Fidelity American Special Situations Fidelity International (FIL In Actively managed 1.44% North America
Fidelity Asian Values Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Actively managed 1.44% Asia
Fidelity Index Emerging Markets Fidelity International (FIL In Passive 0.22% Global Emerging Markets
Fidelity Index Europe ex UK Fidelity International (FIL In Passive 0.12% Europe
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Information presented on this website is not personal advice based on your personal circumstances. No news or research item is a personal recommendation to deal. Investment decisions in funds and other collective investments should only be made after reading the Key Investor Information Document or Key Information Document, Supplementary Information Document and Prospectus. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek professional advice. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. The value of investments, and any income derived from them, may fall as well as rise. The removal of an investment from the Direct Investment Service Preferred List does not constitute a recommendation to sell.

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Direct Investment Service Preferred List

How we select our investments

Our research department specialises in providing comprehensive and continuous coverage of a wide range of UK-listed companies, investment trusts and other investment products. The list is derived from detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis, which aims to highlight “best of breed” funds from across the major sectors in the context of their strategy and style.


We believe detailed research can identify skilful active fund managers capable of adding value over the longer term. We are patient, willing to consider all styles of investing, and mindful that at times active management does not always offer value for money versus passive funds.


We aim to put performance into perspective; our specially designed screening process generates investment ideas based on performance metrics in the context of style, without revealing the investment name to ensure no bias. We then monitor each investment we identify as part of our research cycle.


We conduct hundreds of fund manager meetings each year alongside in-depth fund research and performance analysis. We aim to ensure chosen funds excel in our four “P’s”, People, Process, Performance and Price, through examination of key characteristics such as risk, style, sustainability, governance, charges, operations and capacity.

Most bought investments this week

Take a look at the 10 most bought Funds (OEICs, Unit Trusts and equivalent daily dealt funds) and Shares (London stock market listed shares including Exchange Traded Funds and Investment Trusts) in the last 7 days through our Online Direct Investment Service.

Most bought funds

Name Buy Price Change
Fidelity Index World 279.69 +0.47 (+0.17%)
Fundsmith Equity 616.98 -1.5 (-0.24%)
Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity 302.0401 +1.61 (+0.53%)
Fidelity Global Technology 6.149 +0.09 (+1.52%)
Baillie Gifford American 1193 -39 (-3.17%)
Baillie Gifford Positive Change 311.8 -5.5 (-1.73%)
Baillie Gifford Managed 1347 -14 (-1.03%)
Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity 260.9953 +1.2 (+0.46%)
Fidelity Index US 367.05 +1.29 (+0.35%)
Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio 252.28 +1.01 (+0.4%)

Most bought shares

Name Buy Price Change
GSK 1416 +14.4 (+1.03%)
SCOTTISH MORT 885.4 -2.8 (-0.32%)
LEGAL&GEN. 271.2 +0.5 (+0.19%)
PERSIMMON 1707 -35 (-2.01%)
RIO TINTO 4914 -33.5 (-0.68%)
PHOENIX GRP HD 663.4 +0.4 (+0.06%)
HALEON 254.8 -1.6 (-0.63%)
SHELL PLC 2236 +17.5 (+0.79%)
AVIVA 437.5 -1.9 (-0.43%)
GLENCORE 490 -8.2 (-1.65%)