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Latest Results

The latest results from Charles Stanley including 2018 annual results video featuring Chief Executive Officer, Paul Abberley and Chief Financial Officer, Ben Money-Coutts.


Executing the Strategy - Results presentation for FY 2018. Click here.

“The Group’s transformation continues apace as we implement our strategy and deliver progress in the underlying key metrics.  The focus for the 2019 financial year will be overwhelmingly on driving top line revenue growth whilst improving operational efficiency. I approach the current financial year with quiet optimism, determined to deliver our vision of becoming the leading UK wealth manager.”

Paul Abberley, CEO – June 2018


Paul Abberley
Chief Executive Officer

Latest results

Group highlights

- Revenue growth in all divisions
- 2018 dividend increased 33.3% to 8.0 pence per share
- Disposal of non-core activities completed
- New governance framework fully implemented
- 21% increase in Group’s regulatory capital resources
- Focus is now on revenue growth and improving productivity

Financial Highlights

Core Business profit before tax (£m)1


Reported basic earnings per share (p)

Core Business
operating margin (%)2


Dividend per share (p)

Return on capital employed (%)3


Discretionary funds (£bn)

Reported profit/(loss) before tax (£m)




1 The Core Business figures represent the results of our four main operating divisions, excluding held for sale activities and adjusting items.

2 The Core Business operating margin, excluding the charge in respect of share options awarded to certain investment management teams under the revised remuneration arrangements settled last year.

3 Return on capital employed represents reported operating profit or loss divided by capital employed (total assets less current liabilities).

Group's Annual results to 31st March 2018

In this video Chief Executive Officer, Paul Abberley and Chief Financial Officer, Ben Money-Coutts discuss the Group's annual results.

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