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Environmental Awareness

​The Group recognises its impact on the environment and takes steps to minimise it. Although our activities have only a comparatively small impact, Charles Stanley is aware that environmental risks and uncertainties impact to some extent on all companies.

  • Initiative
    Wherever possible throughout our offices, measures have been introduced to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.We also have a number of initiatives to save costs and increase efficiency through reducing and managing resource use, for example we source re-use programmes for surplus equipment and we review our supply partners to ensure their policies are in line with ours. We currently use paper from sustainable sources for our main marketing and other publicly available documentation, and we aim to procure a greater proportion of recycled paper for photocopying and printing purposes in the future.
  • Commitment
    We ensure that as much of the paper used throughout our offices is recycled and, where possible, we use paper that is either recycled or obtained from a sustainable source. Following a change in supplier for our recycling services in March 2008, the volume of recycling is no longer measured by weight but by volume, and once certain volumes have been exceeded, a donation is made by our supplier to The Castle Howard Arboretum Trust on behalf of Charles Stanley. We recognise that the business saves costs and increases efficiency through reducing and managing resource use. We also run a Ride 2 Work Scheme on an annual basis and this not only promotes a healthier lifestyle for our employees but also reduces the environmental impact of the journey to work for those employees who take part in the scheme.

  • Investment
    Finally, whilst the overall investment policy of the Group is concerned solely with obtaining the best return for clients, we also endeavour to construct portfolios which take into account the personal preferences of our clients in relation to environmental and ethical matters.

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