Pension Trustees report: Aiming for buy out

Our latest report reveals a significant increase in the number of schemes focusing on buy-out as a Long Term Funding Target (LTFT). Get access to survey findings, case studies and insights from our experts to help you in your role as a professional trustee.
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Valuable, practical guidance on securing buy-out

How can pension trustees work with a fiduciary manager to plan and transact a buy-out?

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This report is a collaboration between Charles Stanley and PMI, the UK’s largest and most recognisable professional body for pensions professionals. You’ll get a comprehensive overview on:

  1. What is a Long-Term Funding Target (LTFT)?
  2. Long-Term Funding Targets in numbers
  3. How to work with a fiduciary manager to reach buy-out
  4. Three key questions to ask when choosing a fiduciary manager for buy-out
  5. Case study: Fiduciary management and LTFT in action
  6. Case study: Securing a buy-out deal under time pressure

Research at a glance

We surveyed 67 professional pension trustees of UK DB schemes, to find out about their LTFT and future plans.


say that they have reassessed their long term funding target in the past 12 months.


have set a Long-Term Funding Target


say they are more likely to adopt fiduciary management in their scheme as a result of the 2022 LDI crisis, whether or not they have set a Long-Term Funding Target.

Working towards buy-out with a fiduciary manager enables schemes to monitor market conditions and react swiftly, even when activity is unusual or unexpected. They can then lock in improvements in funding position and stay on track to achieve their LTFT.

Barnaby Low

Strategic Client Portfolio Manager

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