Why trustee funding targets have switched to buyout

Head of Fiduciary Management Bob Campion sits down with Erica Whyte to find out why trustee funding targets have switched to buyout.

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Buyout has become a more popular avenue for professional DB trustees. Our recent research identified that over a third (34%) of schemes say their long-term funding target will be buy-out via an insurer - an increase from 19% last year. Head of Fiduciary Management, Bob Campion sits down with Erica Whyte to explain what buyout via an insurer is and why we've seen a noticeable increase in trustees' moving their goal posts towards it.

Buyout is now a cheaper, more viable, route to endgame than it has been for years, and the gradual emergence of superfunds will keep the pressure on insurers to keep their prices affordable.

Bob Campion, Head of Fiduciary Management

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Why trustee funding targets have switched to buyout

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