We Need To Talk About Investing - Ep. 7: Financial New Year's Resolutions

In this episode, Erica and Rob talk about New Year's resolutions and how to get yourself financially fit this year.

| 23 min listen

Along with going to the gym more, eating healthier, and losing weight, saving money is one of the top resolutions Brits have for 2022*.

With this in mind, Erica and Rob sat down to discuss financial New Year's resolutions and what the best approaches are for whipping your finances into shape this year.

During their conversation, they cover what you should have in place before you start investing, how to define goals and stay on track with your strategy, how to make the most of tax-efficient savings, and how to re-appraise your portfolio. If you're looking to focus on your finances this year, this episode is for you.

    Make sure you read Rob's recent article on how to get your finances in order this year, which is mentioned in the episode: New Year, fitter finances

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    *Source: [YouGov] https://yougov.co.uk/topics/li...

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    We Need To Talk About Investing - Ep. 7: Financial New Year's Resolutions

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