We Need To Talk About Investing - Ep. 5: The Supply Chain Crisis

In this episode Erica and Rob discuss the UK's current supply chain crisis and what it means for beginner investors.

| 22 min listen

Whether you've been caught trying to buy building supplies, have found it difficult to buy a new or pre-loved car, or have been waiting nine months for a new couch or bike, you may have noticed that we're currently in a supply chain crisis.

In this episode Erica and Rob talk about what exactly is going on at the moment, explaining the reasons behind the long wait for furniture, how supply impacts pricing (including wedding tents) and what that means for beginner investors like Erica.

Make sure you read Rob's recent article on inflation which is mentioned in the episode: Is your portfolio resilient to inflation?

If you enjoyed the episode, you might like to check out our Learning Centre YouTube series. Each lesson covers a new investment topic, helping you to understand the basics, bust the jargon, and break down the barriers to investing.

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We Need To Talk About Investing - Ep. 5: The Supply Chain Crisis

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