We have partnered with Harlequins, a rugby club that aligns with Charles Stanley’s own ethos to put people at the heart of its organisation; choosing to create a partnership based on a shared history, focus and values.

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Player welfare report

Throughout the course of our partnership, we have learnt more about the players and the pressures of playing professional sport, which is why we have worked closely with Harlequins to produce a Player Welfare Report.

The purpose of the report is to shine a light on the current state of play for sportsmen and women as they face the inevitable transition from life as an athlete to life after sport whether that be planned retirement or unplanned retirement due to injury.

Key stats for rugby players

Taken from the Rugby Players Association (RPA) survey & Professional Players Federation (PPF) research.

  • 62% of players report mental health issues post-retirement
  • 50% of players have had financial issues in the first five years of retirement
  • 78% wished they had taken more financial advice when they were playing sport in order to help with their transition
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The Diary of a Harlequin

Millions of fans around the world support Harlequins F.C. but what does playing as a 'Quin' feel like? Diary of a Harlequin is a brand new podcast shining a light on what it takes to be a professional rugby player. Each episode, we'll get to know a different player, hearing about what makes them tick, with financial guidance and ideas along the way.

Jack Kenningham

Watch episode 1 which features Jack Kenningham, who plays Flanker position at Harlequins F.C. Jack speaks about joining the big leagues of rugby as a young player and his experiences so far.

B£yond the pitch

Honest and intimate conversations about how these professional athletes have navigated their unique financial and career paths. We hope viewers are, in turn, inspired to have their own finance-focused conversations.

Matt Symons

Watch episode 2 which features Matt Symons. He does his talking on the pitch but find out how Matt opened up when it came to chatting about his finances.