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Our Starter Portfolios assemble a range of investments from our Direct Investment Service Preferred List reflecting different investment outlooks.

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Our Starter Portfolios

Not monitored or managed

The portfolios are not monitored or managed by Charles Stanley. If you would like professionally managed investment services, we have several alternatives available.

For Direct Investment Clients

Example portfolios aimed at clients of our Direct Investment Service, who are self-directed, non-advised investors, undertaking their own research.

Not a personal recommendation

The investments in the portfolios should always be considered only from the perspective of making new cash investments. Removal of a fund from a portfolio should not be viewed as a suggestion or recommendation to sell holdings.

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Use the options below to create a portfolio basket of funds and investment trusts from our preferred list.

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What is your risk tolerance?

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Direct Investment Service preferred list

How we select our investments

Our research department specialises in providing comprehensive and continuous coverage of a wide range of UK-listed companies, investment trusts and other investment products. The list is derived from detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis, which aims to highlight “best of breed” funds from across the major sectors in the context of their strategy and style.


We believe detailed research can identify skilful active fund managers capable of adding value over the longer term. We are patient, willing to consider all styles of investing, and mindful that at times active management does not always offer value for money versus passive funds.


We aim to put the performance into perspective. Our specially designed screen generates ideas based on performance metrics in the context of style but does not initially reveal the fund name to ensure no bias. We then monitor each investment we identify as part of our research cycle.


We conduct hundreds of fund manager meetings each year alongside in-depth fund research and performance analysis. We aim to ensure chosen funds excel in our four “P’s”, People, Process, Performance and Price, through examination of key characteristics such as risk, style, sustainability, governance, charges, operations and capacity.

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