Wealth Under Pressure: Navigating family wealth challenges in changing times

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Family Ties, Financial Futures

Most people aspire to help their families, especially after decades of working hard. But with a cost-of-living crisis, providing that financial help isn’t just an aspiration for many but a necessity.

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In the guide we cover:

  • With changing familial responsibilities, how do people plan for their financial futures?
  • How the cost-of-living crisis has affected financial planning.
  • How the Bank of Grandparents has become as important as the Bank of Mum and Dad

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Key findings at a glance


of high-net-worth individuals are worried about their finances because they have financial dependents.


of high-net-worth parents have adult children living at home.


high-net-worth-individuals are helping their parents with their bills.


are worried they’re going to run out of money.

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