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Designed to connect and educate the next generation of investors.

As a cohort of over 12 million in the UK alone with a growing consumer influence and the likely beneficiaries of the greatest wealth transfer in history, Millennials and Gen Z are quite the force to be reckoned with.

Contrary to previous generations, Millennials and Gen Z thrive in the experience economy, actively pursue ventures of philanthropy and will undoubtedly carry more debt than any generation before them. So, it is only natural that their financial journey and investment decisions be somewhat different.

The Professionals Network is dedicated to making the world of investing accessible and giving you a greater understanding of your financial situation through education, open discussion and networking with like-minded peers. We seek to tackle relevant topics and issues around saving, planning and investing, specifically tailored to the interests and concerns of those in the early stages of their career.

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Coins in soil with young plant.

Sustainable Investing: The reality of ESG

It is now easier than ever to invest in alignment with our personal values. What are the Environmental, Social and Governance issues?

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Young couple with bills and credit cards, calculation of income expenditure

The Advice Gap – what am I missing?

Written by Lucy Smith & Tom Miller, as part of The Professionals Network by Charles Stanley.

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robot hand holding people

The technology shaping the way you’ll live tomorrow

Technological change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. The world that this will create will be so utterly different from today that it is almost impossible to imagine how your life is going to be.

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Charles Stanley’s Investment Strategy Committee met this week – here are its conclusions.

The generational divide over money

Each generation is shaped by landmark events which take place during our formative years.

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Why can’t I retire at 60? The truth about saving for your pension.

There are significant benefits to being a millennial in the modern world that go beyond technological convenience and the ability to scroll through Facebook perhaps more often than is healthy.

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Back View in the System Control Center Operator Working. Multiple Screens Showing Technical Data.

Keep your head when investing in ‘unstoppable’ investment trends

Thematic investing is about identifying the trends that are going to shape how the world works tomorrow.

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The Hope and Promise of Next Generation Philanthropists

The Hope and Promise of Next Generation Philanthropists

In the latest in our series of articles on inherited wealth, Kate Fanning, Outreach and Engagement Officer for The Fund for Global Human Rights, discusses the promise shown by the next generation of philanthropists, "Millennials" and "Gen Zer's".

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Client care for over 200 years

About Charles Stanley

Our origins lie in a banking partnership established in Sheffield in January 1792. Today, Charles Stanley is one of the UK’s leading wealth management firms, providing a range of financial planning and investment management services to national charities, trusts, financial advisers and professional institutes, but our principal business remains as it was over 200 years ago, the provision of a high-quality and personal service to our private clients.

How can I benefit from joining The Professionals Network?

The Professionals Network aims to make the world of investing more accessible. Aimed at those in the early stages of their career, this series of articles offers insight and expertise to inform and inspire the investment decisions of our generation, from pensions and ISAs to spare change.

How can my investment choices align with my social responsibilities and values?

For a generation who are increasingly concerned and aware of ethical and environmental issues, it is important to understand how your investment strategy can reflect your social responsibility.