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We seek to tackle relevant topics and issues around saving, planning and investing, specifically tailored to the interests and concerns of those in the early stages of their careers.

The Professionals Network is dedicated to making the world of investing accessible and giving you a greater understanding of your financial situation through education, open discussion, and networking with like-minded peers. Join the network to get:

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Latest insights

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Investment Manager
02 Mar 2021 | 6 min read
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By Olivia Garthwaite
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The reality of ESG
By Olivia Garthwaite
26 Nov 2020 | 9 min read
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Charles Stanley Learning Centre

Want to know more about investing, but not sure where to start?

Watch our Learning Centre videos where Erica will help you get answers to some of the questions you might have:

  • What is the stock market?
  • What is an ISA?
  • What is a fund? and much more...

What do I need to know?

We are here to help you start your financial journey with guidance on what you should be thinking about, how to start investing and how you can incorporate your values into your investments too.

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Foundation stage: 20s

Managing your finances in your 20s isn’t always a priority even though you may be taking on your own financial responsibilities for the first time; it's good to start with the basics.

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Get access to exclusive industry insights from experts and network members, invitations to our upcoming events and connect with like-minded young professionals.

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