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About Us

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Who we are
As one of the UK’s leading independently-owned private client investment management firms Charles Stanley can trace its origins directly back to 1792 and we have been a member firm of the Stock Exchange under the Charles Stanley name since the 1850s. Over the years we have grown both organically and by absorbing numerous competitor firms. The hallmark for our firm over many generations of clients remains our overriding commitment to excellent client care.

We look after the assets of approximately 95,000 clients with a total of £20 billion funds under management and administration. We employ over 800 people equally divided between London and the regions.

What we do
We provide bespoke portfolio management to mainly private clients, delivered by over 400 professionals located in 28 offices throughout the UK. We operate in-house administration and custody for investment portfolios, SIPPs and ISAs and have developed Charles Stanley Direct, a state of the art direct to customer, execution only dealing platform for equities and funds.

Our core service is active management of investment portfolios, using a full range of UK and overseas investments, which is delivered in the form of personalised portfolios, predominantly held in our own nominee account. Our managed clients generally invest between £100,000 and £5 million, or from £30,000 within Charles Stanley Direct or the Collectives Portfolio Service, and comprise mostly UK-resident private individuals and families. We also manage money for charities, trusts and Court of Protection awardees. Clients’ portfolios are managed on a discretionary or advisory basis, subject to client needs and the scale of their investments. We also provide execution only and advisory dealing services.

Our culture
We place our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do, blending our centuries-old heritage with modern business practice and technology to deliver high quality, personalised and relationship-driven services. Our behaviour towards our clients and colleagues is driven by integrity, conservatism and professionalism; the trust these values engender has resulted in frequent cases of us managing some families’ investments for three generations or more. Lasting client relationships are the bedrock of our business and we monitor our clients’ satisfaction to ensure we are meeting their expectations.

We believe that locating our investment teams close to where our clients live is the optimal way to deliver outstanding service and outcomes in line with our clients’ mandates and expectations. This local service model is increasingly underpinned by new ways for our clients to engage with us as we progressively deploy new technologies to give access to services, accounts and market information across a broader range of media, from home or the workplace and at times convenient to them.

Many of our employees have been part of the Charles Stanley business for a long time. We create long-term career opportunities for our employees as a foundation for delivering high quality service for our clients over the long term. Since our business is driven by our clients’ financial interests, we align the incentives of our employees accordingly, within a framework of controls to ensure the suitability of advice we provide to clients.

Our responsibilities
Ours is a service business that wholly depends on generating and fulfilling the trust of clients who entrust us to preserve and grow assets that are critical to their security and wellbeing. We seek to achieve this in a personal, cost-effective and tax efficient manner. This fiduciary relationship drives our endeavours to provide clients with fair returns and suitable advice which we believe in turn drives our ability to provide sustainable shareholder returns.

We do our utmost to provide a stimulating, stable and enjoyable place of work in which long term delivery of our clients’ and shareholders’ objectives is fairly rewarded. We also strive to protect the environment, under the guidance of our Corporate and Social Responsibility committee, and to manage our business in a fair and ethical manner.

Our Commitment to You

At Charles Stanley we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. Providing a 'Personal Investment Service' is very much in the DNA of the whole firm and it is this commitment that we believe makes Charles Stanley stand out from the rest of the investment community.

We strive to provide the very best levels of personal service for all clients from Discretionary, Advisory and Execution-Only clients through to Corporate clients, both large and small, plus Charity and Court of Protection clients.

We invest heavily in our administration functions and Information Technology systems and our 'back-office' consistently wins praise from clients for its attention to detail and swift handling of client queries.

Discretionary and Advisory Managed clients have an Investment Manager who creates a specific investment strategy tailored for them. Every client's portfolio is regularly reviewed and we are proactive in the management of clients investments, based upon our views and those of our large and well respected research department based in London. 

Below you will find a comparison table of our services. There are also some important pages for you to read regarding Custody of Your Investments and Security of Your Investments - both of these sections set out how Charles Stanley holds and ensures the security of client assets and monies. We hope that they offer reassurance to clients looking to invest with Charles Stanley.

Use this table to compare the features that we offer within our services. This will help you to make an informed decision about the service that is likely to suit you best. 


  Discretionary Management Advisory Managed Advisory Dealing Execution-only
Management of your portfolio by your personal Investment Manager, taking investment decisions on your behalf within guidelines agreed with you. Y - - -
Management of your portfolio by your personal Investment Manager, recommending investment decisions for your approval, within guidelines agreed with you. - Y - -
Telephone and written investment advice from your Investment Manager/Stockbroker (as and when required) on individual investments. Y Y a -
Responsibility for the ongoing suitability of your investments within the agreed guidelines. Y Y - -
A valuation of your portfolio at least every six months, plus a written review. Y a - -
A regular valuation of your portfolio, plus a written review, at frequencies to be agreed with your broker. - Y - -
Face-to-face meetings with your Investment Manager/Stockbroker. Y Y a -
Buying and selling investments. Y Y Y Y
Guidance on capital gains tax planning. Y Y b b
“Stockmarket Bulletin”, our regular newsletter for clients, on request. Y Y Y -
Online access to view your portfolio (if held in nominees
or CREST Personal Membership).
Contract notes, statements and valuations available in a choice
of email or hard copy format.
Use of our nominee account for UK stocks and shares which includes:

• Collection and processing of UK dividends
• A full Securities Report for the tax year-end including:
statements of cash and stock movements, a Consolidated Tax Certificate detailing the dividends received for stocks held in our nominee company, and interest received on any cash we have placed on deposit for you
• Efficient settlement of sales and purchases.

CREST Personal Membership, which includes:

• A full securities report for the tax year-end including statements of stock movements
• Efficient settlement of sales and purchases.

b b b b
Custody for overseas stocks and shares. b b b b

Y = Included within management fee
a = Available by arrangement
b = Available at a separate charge
 = Not applicable to the service


Our RDR Status

Charles Stanley & Co. Limited offers clients a wide range of different financial services to suit their needs. We provide a comprehensive service - advising on, managing and buying and selling stocks, shares, unit trusts, gilts, corporate bonds and a wide range of other financial instruments.

These services do not extend automatically to advice or management in relation to clients' overall financial planning arrangements, or to any individual aspect of their financial requirements other than stockmarket and stockmarket based investments. Our advisory investment services are therefore classed as 'restricted', since they are designed specifically for investors seeking specialist expertise and advice on investments and investment portfolios. As an independently-owned firm, we are not tied to any products or providers.

Retail Distribution Review: Independent and restricted advice (see paragraphs 5.16 to 5.21)

The Security of your Investments

The Custody of your investments

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