Financial Health Check

Am I managing my money effectively?

We all have different situations, finances, and plans, but there are common aspects of our finances that we all should check are in order.

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Get a clear picture with our Financial Health Check

We’ll take you through the key areas of your personal finance, helping you understand your current finances, and the steps you can take to secure your financial future.

We’ll discuss good versus bad debt and help you to decide which debts are the most important to pay off.

We’ll go through your income and balance this against your expenses and provide you with a plan to build up a cash reserve to act as a cushion to cover unexpected events.

We’ll help you review your current insurance policies and to protect against the consequences of death, ill-health or loss of income.

We can help you understand more about saving for a deposit for your first home and the different types of mortgages that are available.

We’ll help you understand if your savings are on track to provide you with a comfortable retirement.

To conclude, your planner will consider all five points and provide a summary of your overall position, together with a plan to take the next steps.

Why our Financial Health Check could be right for you

When you’re just starting your financial journey, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to provide security so you know you’re doing the right thing.

You’d like clarity around your current finances

You want the confidence to know you're doing the right things, and if not what changes you need to make.

You want a plan for a healthy financial future

No one knows what the future holds, and you will have considerable peace of mind from building a plan early.

You want to protect your loved ones

Turbulence in your life could impact your financial situation and some planning can make all the difference should the worst happen.

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What to expect?

For a one-off fee, we’ll assess your situation and then create a plan addressing each of the five aspects of personal finance. Providing you with a plan to make better, more informed decision about your financial future.

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