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Get information on our dividends and a five year summary of our financials, income statement and balance sheet.

Capital history

Dividend Information

The group has shown strong performance amidst global disruption and is well positioned for the year ahead.

A final dividend of 9.0 pence per share has been proposed, taking the total dividend to 12.0 pence per share (2020: 9.0 pence per share), overall a 33.3% increase in the total dividend for the year.

Dividend TimetablePence per SharePaid/Payable
Interim4.0014 January 2022
Final9.0019 July 2021
Interim3.0015 January 2021
Final6.0016 July 2020
Interim3.0017 January 2020
Final6.0017 July 2019
Interim2.7518 January 2019
Final5.5031 July 2018
Interim2.5019 January 2018
Final4.5031 July 2017
Interim1.5020 January 2017
Final3.5005 August 2016
Interim1.5020 January 2016

The Board is pleased to declare an interim dividend of 4.0 pence per share (H1 2021: 3.0 pence per share). This will be paid in the event that the acquisition of the Company by Raymond James has not been sanctioned by the Court by 10 December 2021 and will be paid on 14 January 2022 to shareholders on the register on 10 December 2021

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Financial Five Year Summary

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