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How to kickstart your finances in 2024

Catch up with our panel of experts as they create a plan to kickstart your finances this year, where we'll explore essential strategies to empower your financial well-being in the coming year.

1st Feb 2024 Webinar

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Get ready to step into 2024 with a solid financial foundation

During this webinar, our personal finance experts, Rob and Lisa, covered pivotal themes to help you take charge of your financial landscape.

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  1. Analysing your spending habits: Understand your spending patterns to help you budget and save
  2. Boosting your credit score: Gain valuable insights into checking and improving your credit score, a fundamental aspect of financial health, and the impact it has on your plans
  3. Investment considerations: Discover what the financial takeaways were from last year and what could be expected across 2024
  4. Tax explained: We explain what tax relief is as well as walk through each of the types of tax, including thresholds and allowances.
  5. Pensions: Whether you work for a company or are self-employed, we discuss which pension is right for you.
  6. Overpay your mortgage or invest? Rob and Lisa look at what you should be prioritising.

Meet the hosts

Rob Morgan

Rob Morgan

Chief Analyst

Rob has over 20 years' experience in Financial Services and has worked as a financial adviser, pension specialist and investment analyst. He currently specialises in researching actively-managed funds and he regularly writes about investments, markets and personal finances.

Lisa Caplan

Lisa Caplan

Director of OneStep Financial Plans

A chartered Financial planner, using technology to make it easier for people to move forward towards financial wellbeing. Lisa combines digital experience gained at Nutmeg with Financial planning knowledge gained over thirteen years working in personal finance.

Erica Whyte

Erica Whyte


Erica is a presenter and digital content creator from Toronto, Canada. Prior to her role as Spokesperson and Head of Content Strategy at Charles Stanley, Erica was a live events host and reporter in various cities in the United States.

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