Cybersecurity - Tips to keep yourself safe online

Since implementing lockdown measures, our reliance on technology has increased. It's important to keep yourself safe online and make sure the services you use have adequate security measures in place.

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Preventing a Cyber attack

  • Stay updated. Keep all your software updated.
  • Zero trust. Do not trust emails, text messages or phone calls until they’re proven genuine.
  • Password hygiene. Make your passwords long (over 15 characters) and strong (containing numbers, letters and symbols).
  • Push Payment. Fraud Use a secure payment service like PayPal, or pay by credit card.
  • Email and cloud. Never reuse an email or cloud password.

Preparing for a Cyber attack

  • Backup. Always have at least two copies of data.
  • Call recording. Consider putting a call recording app on your mobile phone.
  • Clone your hard drive. Cloning makes an exact copy of your computer’s hard drive and puts it on another disk drive.
  • Separation. Separate your electronic content (photos, video, spreadsheets, document and purchased software etc.) from your internet-connected computer by moving it to a separate, external hard drive.

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Cybersecurity - Tips to keep yourself safe online

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