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Cyber Security

Stay safe online

We are committed to protecting your information and assets from the threats posed by fraud, identity theft and other financial crime. 



We have the sophisticated technical and operational safeguards that you would expect, however, the names of legitimate financial services firms are sometimes used by criminals to try to trick members of the public.

Get in touch

If you are ever in doubt that communication by Charles Stanley is genuine, please get in touch and forward any suspicious emails; we’ll be able to confirm quickly whether or not it was from us. 

0131 550 1234


Using our secure client website

'My Charles Stanley' is the secure area of the main Charles Stanley website where you can view your account details.

Your username and passwords

  • You must keep your 'My Charles Stanley' username and password secure.  Please avoid writing down username and passwords - as tempting as this may be!
  • The password should be one you do not use on any other website and include a mix of random numbers, letters and other characters. If possible, you should change it regularly.
  • We will never ask you to disclose your username or password by email or telephone.

Our bank details

  • You will not be asked to pay in money into any bank account other than those published on the Charles Stanley website.
  • If our bank details change, we will place a notice on our website.


There are a number of ways you can check that a communication is from us.

  • If we send you an unsolicited letter or email, we will always quote one of your account numbers.  Checking that account number is genuinely one of yours will help prove that it came from us.
  • You can see your account number(s) on your dashboard when logged into our website or on any contract note.
  • Our emails will always come from an address ending @charles-stanley.co.uk
  • With secure messages, you will receive a plain text email from an account ending @charles-stanley.co.uk or @charles-stanley-direct.co.uk. By clicking on the link contained within these emails, you will be taken to the log-in page, where you will need to log in with your password and memorable word, as usual; then allowing you to read the secure message. This is encrypted and pertinent only to your account.
  • From time to time, and at your Investment Manager's discretion, we may issue email marketing to you. This will typically have a footer with either your personal Investment Manager's details or the details of the regional office where your account is held. The content of the email will always link back to the Charles Stanley website (www.charles-stanley.co.uk) and will be pointing you towards the article content that we issue on a daily basis by our commentators, economists and analysts. We will not use email marketing to make financial offers or promotions to you. If you are in any doubt about any email that you receive, please contact your Investment Manager or email [email protected].

Logged in

  • Our website address will always end with charles-stanley.co.uk or charles-stanley-direct.co.uk
  • Look for the padlock icon when using your web browser when you are logged in.
  • If you right-click and select “View Page Info” or “Properties” you’ll be able to see our 'Certificate', which is registered to Charles Stanley & Co. Limited, our legal trading company.
  • If you do not see the padlock or our company name when you click it, then you may not be on the genuine website. (In some browsers like Safari, it isn’t necessary to click as you will see our full company name in the address bar).

Please be assured that the chances of you being approached with any form of fraudulent communication using the Charles Stanley name are low but we hope that the above information will be useful if you are. 

We hope that you will report any suspect messages or communications to us.  If they have not originated here, we will share them with the authorities as part of their ongoing efforts against financial crime in the United Kingdom.