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Financial Planning Services

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Financial Planning Services

Clients’ financial affairs are constantly changing and evolving and to meet these challenges we believe that your financial strategy needs to adapt similarly to changes in your situation.

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The Financial Planning Service is designed for clients who, whilst not seeking an on-going wealth management service, nevertheless wish to have their financial affairs reviewed on a regular basis in order to maximise the opportunities that are available in the marketplace.


Many of us have broadly similar plans for the future, encompassing a comfortable retirement, financial provision for our dependants and no more paid in tax than is absolutely necessary.

However, planning for your own particular future is no place for broad generalisations. There will be crucial differences between your current circumstances and the next person's. Though your broad aims and ambitions may be similar, it is in the specifics that the disparities will be revealed. Identifying and addressing these will assist you in achieving the financial future you desire.

As a client of Charles Stanley, the first step towards this future is a conversation with one of our consultants. By understanding your financial requirements and aspirations, together we can begin to create the individual solution that will help you achieve them.

We are authorised, as professional advisers, to offer you advice on most aspects of your personal financial affairs. We are able to select from the entire market place of product providers in order to meet your requirements. You can deal directly with one of our Financial Planning consultants, or alternatively work with them in conjunction with your Charles Stanley Investment Manager.

We would be happy to introduce you to our Financial Planning consultants, who can assist you in designing your financial arrangements so as to position yourself for the life changes we all face at one time or another. Our consultants are available locally in your nearby office or in London as you prefer and can draw on a breadth of experience in solving everything from complex requirements to simple hand-holding.

Do get in touch. We would be delighted to help you forge your financial future.

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