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Advisory Investment Management

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Advisory Investment Management

Similar to our Discretionary service but you make the final decision on the individual purchases and sales. 

Advisory Managed services offer comprehensive and continuous portfolio management, as well as a range of other facilities. We will discuss your investment objectives and requirements with you in advance, and formulate guidelines for your agreement. Our Advisory Managed Services offer all the benefits of our signature Discretionary investment management and administration service but you make the final decision on individual purchases and sales.


Advisory Managed services offer comprehensive and continuous portfolio management, as well as a range of other facilities. We will discuss your investment objectives and requirements with you in advance, and formulate guidelines for your agreement.

Our investment decisions or recommendations are then made within these guidelines which are reviewed periodically. If you choose to have your investments managed you can nominate your own Investment Manager within the company or alternatively, if you do not have an existing contact, we will allocate a suitable Investment Manager, supported by a small dedicated team, to look after your account.

Occasionally, clients like to maintain particular shareholdings which do not necessarily fit into the agreed pattern of the portfolio. This is respected, of course, and we seek to build the rest of the portfolio to take this into account.

Your Investment Manager is available to discuss particular investment ideas that you may have, and to give suitable recommendations. The investment management services provide you with regular portfolio valuations and you can view your portfolio at any time on the internet, by way of a confidential password that we supply to you, upon request.

Additional benefits include access to our Financial Planning Department, guidance on tax planning, our monthly newsletter, and use of either our nominee services or CREST Personal Membership. Your Investment Manager will monitor your portfolio to ensure that it stays balanced and in line with your pre-agreed investment goals.

However, proposed investment decisions are discussed with you in advance and require your prior approval. In matching your portfolio to your individual objectives and personal risk tolerances, you will be able to consider all asset classes. Regular portfolio reviews and valuations are provided and, if your portfolio is held in custody by Charles Stanley, you can access it through our website. You will also have access to our in-house research reports and market information.


Your Investment Manager will discuss in detail the charges for your account which may be on a Fee-Only basis or may be a combination of Fee and Dealing Commission. When purchasing Retail Investment Products we will always seek to buy commission-free classes, and will rebate to you any product commission received on new products purchased. 




Our Advisory Dealing service offers you recommendations on individual investments, as and when you wish to receive them. This arrangement differs from our investment management service, however, in that your portfolio is not being managed. We consider only the suitability of the investment in the light of your objectives, requirements and existing investments at the time of giving the advice. We do not provide ongoing management of your portfolio, and responsibility for its continuing suitability remains with you.

This service may be provided by your own Charles Stanley Investment Manager, if after consultation the service is deemed suitable for you.

In contrast to our Discretionary and Advisory Managed services, the arrangements for holding your securities, handling the paperwork, providing valuations, online access to your portfolio, financial planning and tax guidance, our monthly newsletter and so on, are charged separately. You can choose your own menu of administration facilities, which are individually priced. Alternatively, in certain circumstances your Investment Manager may feel that a regular administration charge would be more appropriate for you, covering a bundled selection of relevant administration facilities. We aim to combine our service and administration facilities to meet your needs. To achieve this, your Investment Manager will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

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Further details of our Advisory Management and Advisory Dealing Services can be found in our Investment Services Brochure below

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