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Investor Relations

Capital History

Charles Stanley Group PLC was incorporated on 16 July 1896 in the name of The Oceana Consolidated Company Ltd. No share certificate dated earlier than 30 November 1960 is now valid. The company underwent a number of reconstructions and capital write-downs between 1896 and 1960. New share certificates were issued on 30.11.1960. Since 1970 there have been several bonus and rights issues. The company changed its name on 16 July 1996 to Charles Stanley Group PLC.

Details of the capital changes since 1970 are as follows:

Capitalisation: 1 for 1 (ex cap: 20.10.70)
Rights Issue: 1 for 5 at 50p per share (ex rights: 13.10.73)
Capitalisation: 1 for 2 (ex cap: 28.10.82)
Capitalisation: 1 for 1 (ex cap: 13.12.82)
Capitalisation: 1 for 2 (ex cap: 10.12.84)
Rights Issue: 1 for 5 at 65p per share (ex rights: 4.5.89)
Open Offer: 1 for 20 at 105p per share (ex entitlement: 18.9.95)
Capitalisation: 1 for 5 (ex cap: 24.7.96)
Capitalisation: 3 for 1 (ex cap: 15.12.99)
All share certificates issued since 1960 remain valid.

Earlier capital history

Between 1896 and 1960 the company underwent a series of capital reconstructions as follows:

10s. was written off each share of £1, leaving the number of issued shares unaltered. (13.5.09)
5s. was written off each share of 10s., leaving the number of issued shares unaltered. (23.6.15)
4s 4½d was written off each ordinary share of 5s. The resulting shares of 7½d were consolidated in the ratio of 8 to 1 into shares of 5s. each. Preference shares of 5s. were written down by 1s 10½d to 3s 1½d and then consolidated and converted into ordinary shares of 5s. in the ratio of 5 ordinary shares for every 8 written-down preference shares. No payment was made for fractions. (29.12.36)
The directors were empowered to sell all holdings of less than 40 stock units of 5s., and distribute the proceeds to the entitled stockholder on production of the certificate. The proceeds amounted to 6d (2½p) per unit, which is still available. (effective from 18.8.45)
As the result of a scheme approved by the High Court, each stockholder surrendered one-half of his holding free-of-charge to Rock Investment Co Ltd. If the remaining balance was less than 100 shares this balance was acquired compulsorily at 2s. per stock unit, unless the stockholder expressly elected to retain it. The stockholder could choose to re-purchase, at 2s. per stock unit, any of the units surrendered free-of-charge. In addition the stockholder could apply for excess units on the same terms, but Rock Investment Co Ltd could decline applications. (Scheme approved 15.7.46)
1,000,000 "A" shares of 2s. each were created out of unissued ordinary shares. (18.12.52). These were never issued, and were cancelled 1.7.60.
4s 10d was written off each 5s. ordinary share, and the resulting units of 2d were consolidated into 5s stock units in the ratio of 30 for 1. Fractions were sold at par, and 2d per fraction remains payable on surrender of the share certificate. (1.7.60)
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