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Charles Stanley Funds

Multi-Asset Funds

Four professionally constructed and managed Charles Stanley multi-asset funds designed to help your client achieve their investment objectives within a defined level of risk. 

  • The funds blend a range of investments together to create a diversified portfolio.
  • Each fund is designed to meet a specific risk profile and has a targeted level of real return so your wealth is not eroded by inflation.
  • £1,000 minimum investment.


Alternatively, you can invest directly with the Authorised Corporate Director: Maitland

Contact us today to discuss how our extensive range of investment solutions can help you.

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Charles Stanley Multi-Asset Funds

Is this right for your client?

The multi-asset funds offer a range of four professionally managed funds to clients who are looking to invest in discretionary solutions while spreading risk across different asset classes. Combining direct investments as well as passive and active funds to provide an efficient way to preserve and grow wealth over time.

Flexible, intelligent investing

Strategy is implemented through passive and active funds with the ability to also invest directly in individual Securities. This allows us to remain conscious of costs so your client’s money is always working hard.

Dynamic asset allocation

We use a strategic asset allocation model as a starting point. This allows us to combine our own views on long-term asset returns with those implied by the market and generates opportunities across all asset classes.

Tailored risk management

We have risk modelling systems to estimate our overall level of risk and contribution by asset class or strategy. We also use scenario analysis to estimate our return profile under different economic scenarios.

Access to expert thinking

Our fund managers are supported by the experience and expertise of our in-house research analysts and a wide range of external market resources.

Capital preservation and growth

We are firmly committed to both seeking out sources of real growth, and preserving capital even in the most volatile environments.

A strong focus on costs

We recognise that keeping investment costs as low as possible will leave more value in your clients’ portfolios.

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Charles Stanley

Heritage and independence.

When you invest with Charles Stanley, you can feel confident that your investments are backed by more than 200 years’ proven experience. We are independently owned so our interests lie with you, not others. And with over 20 offices across the UK, you can take advantage of a local presence, wherever you might be based.