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For clients who want the optimum mixture of both lower cost and active management.

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Benefits of the service

Provides a best of breed approach utilising both high quality active and passive funds.

5 total return portfolios utilising a strategy that is implemented through a blend of passive and active funds and also invests directly in individual equities.

We focus on strategic asset allocation as a primary driver of managing not only returns but also risk. That said, we maintain flexibility to adjust positioning in light of market conditions.

We are agnostic in implementing investment ideas, using a blend of active and passive investments. This allows us to remain conscious of costs without restricting our investment universe.

Find the blended model portfolio to suit your clients needs

Use the Dynamic Planner risk options below to find the right Blended Portfolio that aligns to your client risk tolerance.

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All Blended Portfolios 

ObjectivePortfolioDynamic Planner Risk ProfilePerformance TargetFactsheet

Total return

Blended 13


Total returnBlended 24Inflation +1%Factsheet
Total returnBlended 35Inflation +2%Factsheet
Total returnBlended 4


Inflation +3%Factsheet
Total returnBlended 57Inflation +4%Factsheet

Award-winning service

Our Blended Managed Portfolio Service has 5 Star Defaqto rating Blended MPS (Platform)

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2022 DFM MPS On Platform (5)

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