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Dynamic Passive Portfolios

For clients who want an actively managed portfolio, with low cost management fees to minimise the impact on performance.

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Benefits of the service

High quality, regular, active asset allocation using passive investments selected through a central investment process.

Pairing dynamic, top-down investing with low-cost index-tracking has proven itself over time. These portfolios are 100% passive, using index tracking collective vehicles.

We keep underlying investment management fees as low as possible for minimum impact on investment performance. Seeking the best total return while remaining within the stated level of risk.

Our investment approach draws on the output of Charles Stanley’s Investment Strategy Forum overlaying this with dynamic decisions from the managed portfolio investment team.

Find the Dynamic Passive Portfolio to suit your clients needs

Use the Dynamic Planner risk options below to find the right Dynamic Passive Portfolio that aligns to your client risk tolerance.

What is your client's risk tolerance?

All Dynamic Passive Portfolios

Access all Dynamic Passive factsheets below and key information related consumer duty.


PortfolioDynamic Planner Risk ProfilePerformance target*
Total returnDynamic Passive 13Inflation
Total returnDynamic Passive 24Inflation +1%
Total returnDynamic Passive 35Inflation +2%
Total returnDynamic Passive 46Inflation +3%
Total returnDynamic Passive 57Inflation +4%

All Dynamic Passive Portfolios 

ObjectivePortfolioDynamic Planner Risk ProfilePerformance Target*

Total return

Dynamic Passive 13


Total returnDynamic Passive 24Inflation +1%
Total returnDynamic Passive 35Inflation +2%
Total returnDynamic Passive 4


Inflation +3%
Total returnDynamic Passive 57Inflation +4%

*(Total return pa. 3 year rolling)

Our central investment process

We understand the challenges that face financial advisers and are committed to providing the investment support you need. Our job is to manage the money to the mandate agreed between you and your client.

Watch the video

To give you clarity and confidence in our decision-making with your clients' investments, let us introduce you to our Centralised Investment Process and the investment principles that guide it. This video will cover:

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • How dynamic alignment works for your client
  • The process behind how we implement investment decisions

If you have any questions, request a call back and we'll help arrange a call or meeting with your local Intermediary Sales contact.

Award-winning service

Our Dynamic Passive Managed Portfolio Service has the following Defaqto ratings, 5 Diamond Rating Charles Stanley Dynamic Passive (Platform) & 5 Star Rating Dynamic Passive Portfolios (Platform).

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2024 DFM MPS (Platform) Portfolio Family (5)
2024 DFM MPS On Platform (5)

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