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Investment services

Charles Stanley Pan Asset

Investment services

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Charles Stanley Pan Asset is a wholly-owned operating division of Charles Stanley Group Plc which specialises in asset allocation research and advice for all types of investor across over 30 global asset classes.  These include institutional pension funds, charities and platform-based model portfolios.  It uses low cost index-tracking and passive investment solutions, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to implement asset allocation decisions.  It was one of first asset managers to provide a full range of risk-profiled model portfolios for the IFA industry.  Pan Asset offers two ranges of low-cost, active asset allocation model portfolios with passive investment implementation via the majority of wrap platforms. 

The PanDYNAMIC range has a five year performance record and uses a combination of ETFs and conventional funds with a total cost, including Pan Asset’s fee, of around 50bps.   It is available in six risk profiles from low to high which have been mapped by Distribution Technology.  There is also a model portfolio with a medium risk profile (Distribution Technology 5) which is designed to produce income.  The PanASSET range was launched in 2012 and offers the same range of risk profiles.  It invests solely using low cost conventional index-tracking funds and was developed for use with platforms where high dealing charges for ETFs and other listed investments make the PanDYNAMIC range less attractive.

Pan Asset’s model portfolios may be attractive to all IFAs and their clients who want to keep costs down, plan to use a wrap platform and want to adopt a passive investment approach.  They are also available via brokers within the Charles Stanley organisation.  Pan Asset offers a bespoke approach to all types of larger clients which can either be in the form of a full investment management service or can be specialised advice on asset allocation or selection of passive investments.

Pan Asset Factsheet can be accessed on the homepage of this website by selecting from the'Latest Factsheet' drop-down menu: HERE






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