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Model Portfolios


These discretionary managed Model Portfolios offer risk-profiled investment solutions for Succession Advisers and their investor clients. The six Model Portfolios employ Charles Stanley’s dynamic top-down asset allocation strategy, coupled with low-cost investment in carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds. This provides your clients with day-by-day stewardship of their money by investment professionals concentrating on the big picture, whilst you as the Adviser retain full control of the client account and responsibility for the relationship. The Succession Investment Platform provides the custodian and dealing service for your clients. 

Our Investment Approach

Getting the big decisions right determines how much your clients make on their money. We take asset allocation decisions to choose whether to be in cash or property, equities or government bonds, or in a mixture. Many asset managers charge investors for trying to choose the right shares but on average stock-picking managers do less well than just buying all the shares in the Index. We concentrate on the big picture and take long-term views about the likely performance of an asset. We do move more into cash if there is substantial economic and market disruption. If an asset class becomes unattractive we will sell it and if we cannot find enough attractive assets to buy because markets are difficult we will temporarily hold cash instead to avoid losses and preserve capital. Our investment universe covers over 30 asset classes across all geographic regions. The asset allocation team constantly monitor each asset class to find the best investment opportunities around the world.

Each Portfolio has a targeted level of risk and return designed to cater for standard client risk profiles. The flexibility of the Succession Investment platform means that the Model Portfolios can be used for all or part of an investment portfolio. The Model Portfolios aim to exploit the continually changing opportunities offered by different asset classes around the world. The dynamic asset allocation process combines long-term investment in assets most likely to meet your investor client’s needs, with shorter-term tactical decisions which can protect their assets in times of stress. We believe that index-tracking funds are the best way to access most asset classes. This is a good way to reduce investment management costs and improve returns to the investor. It removes individual stock risk and avoids underperforming active investment managers.


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