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Charles Stanley Funds

MI Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund

Focusing on high, sustainable income with low overall costs 

  • Consistently high income (currently 4.4%*) paid monthly.
  • Multi-asset solution with high diversification to deliver low volatility.
  • An emphasis on UK Government and corporate bonds.
  • 13-year track record.
  • £1,000 minimum investment.

*Gross yield for the Share Class C Income shares, net of charges, for the 12 month period ended 31st October 2019. This yield is variable and not guaranteed.


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MI Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund

Is this right for your client?

Today, more than ever before, investors are struggling to find ways of accessing an attractive level of income. In addition, there is a wider challenge of trying to maintain the value of the underlying capital. The MI Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund may provide an attractive solution.

Experience and expertise

The success of any fund depends on the skill and experience of the fund manager and their ability to follow a sound and disciplined methodology. Expert bottom-up analysis underpins this fund.

A focused and flexible approach

Unconstrained by index benchmarks, we are flexible in our approach, and focused on our objective – to provide your clients with a high, sustainable income, while protecting and potentially increasing their capital over time.

Maximise income potential

The fund’s distribution fund status means that income is paid as interest. This can be beneficial for some clients from a tax perspective.

Diversified asset allocation

An actively managed, diverse range of asset classes increases the opportunity for performance success.

We are nimble

As a relatively small high-income fund, we are able to seek out value in small and mid-cap companies or under-researched bonds and equities that larger funds may not target.

Intelligent investing

The fund keeps a generous liquidity buffer with gilts and more liquid investments. This means that in times of particular market volatility, we can avoid being a forced seller of less liquid assets.

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Charles Stanley

Heritage and independence.

When you invest with Charles Stanley, you can feel confident that your investments are backed by more than 200 years’ proven experience. We are independently owned so our interests lie with you, not others. And with over 20 offices across the UK, you can take advantage of a local presence, wherever you might be based.