AKG Research Briefing 2021

Advancing Intergenerational Planning Opportunities

With the Covid-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst for families having more open and honest conversations, intergenerational financial planning is set to expand in importance for advice firms – but advisers recognise the need to develop skills and toolkits to deliver compelling services to clients and families.

This report explores the intergenerational planning opportunities presented to advisers, post-pandemic, as well as the skills needed to support clients beyond their traditional financial needs.

Download the AKG Research Briefing 2021 to learn more on:

  • The nature, scope, and potential of the opportunity for intergenerational advice and planning services
  • The potential barriers to engagement, development and the associated issues raised
  • The processes, skills and approaches required for success
  • Where intergenerational planning will fit in the advice landscape of the future

Download the report

Download the report