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Dynamic Passive Portfolios

High quality, low-cost investments. 

  • Dynamic, hands-on management combined with low-cost passive funds
  • Suitable for both small and large investors 
  • Proven abilities to manage portfolios and remain within defined risk parameters 
  • Tax-efficient when held in an ISA, pension or other tax wrappers and structures
  • £1,000 minimum investment (depending on platform)


  • Aegon
  • Ascentric
  • Aviva
  • Novia
  • Nucleus
  • James Hay
  • Standard Life
  • Transact
  • Zurich
  • 7IM

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Dynamic Passive Portfolios

Is this right for you?

Our Dynamic Passive Portfolios are designed to offer your clients outstanding investment expertise and a versatile range of low-cost model portfolios.

Dynamic hands-on management

Each portfolio is actively managed to ensure opportunities and threats are not missed and risk is spread as widely as possible.

Low cost

We invest in asset classes in what we believe is the most cost-effective way: selecting low-cost, passive, index-tracking funds.

A proven strategy

Pairing dynamic, top-down investing with low-cost index tracking has proven itself over time. We launched these portfolios in 2012, and the original investment process dates back to 2009.

Prospects of real growth

Our primary objective is to seek the best returns while remaining within the stated level of risk. Over time we expect to deliver a ‘total return’ which targets a margin over inflation, depending on the risk level.

A truly global perspective

We have access to a wide variety of asset classes from around the world, resulting in a fully diversified portfolio.

Comprehensive decision-making.

Combining strategic long-term views driven by our expert Investment Strategy Committee, with tactical short-term decisions drawing on the experience of our proven team of portfolio managers.

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Charles Stanley

Heritage and independence.

When you invest with Charles Stanley, you can feel confident that your investments are backed by more than 200 years’ proven experience. We are independently owned so our interests lie with you, not others. And with over 20 offices across the UK, you can take advantage of a local presence, wherever you might be based.