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Investment services

Dynamic Passive Portfolio Service

Investment services

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Charles Stanley Dynamic Passive portfolios aim to give your clients the advantages of having a professionally managed portfolio, tailored to their risk profile, at a competitive cost.  The portfolios suit clients with large or small sums to invest who like the idea of spreading risk as widely as possible. Available through a growing number of third-party platforms, our Dynamic Passive portfolios offer 5 risk-rated models that are also mapped against pre-defined risk categories from Distribution Technology.

Innovation allied with consistency

There is strong academic evidence showing that asset allocation decisions are the biggest drivers of long-term investment performance, but it is also important that the mix of assets is continuously monitored and reviewed. This is why we take an active approach to asset allocation.

In addition, we invest in asset classes in what we believe is the most cost-effective way: selecting low-cost, passive, index-tracking funds. This strategy means you can be confident that your client is well placed to optimise returns and safeguard assets for the long term. 

Pairing dynamic, top-down investing with low-cost index tracking has proven itself over time. We launched these portfolios in 2012, and the primary investment process dates back to 2009. The founding members  of the team are still involved today.
By combining expertise and commitment, we have demonstrated a proven ability to manage our model portfolios and remain within agreed risk parameters through all types of market conditions.

Factsheets can be accessed on the homepage of this website by selecting from the'Latest Factsheet' drop-down menu: HERE

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