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Investment Services

DFM Model Portfolio Service

Investment Services

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The aim of each strategy is to out-perform the relevant Wealth Management Association (WMA) benchmark. The asset allocation is broadly based on the relevant WMA Index with some flexibility to move outside the benchmark asset allocations.

Investment Process
The asset allocation of the portfolio will be benchmark constrained to the relevant Wealth Management Association (WMA) Index within pre-determined bands of tolerance. Re-balancing will take place on a quarterly basis and will be focused on the asset class rather than on individual stocks or funds. Asset allocation can also be constrained by minimum investment levels such as minimum denominations in some bonds.

The investment team meets on a monthly basis but changes in underlying stocks, funds or bonds will also occur when the teams believe the timing is right.

The Management Team:
Gerard Sweeting - Director of Wealth Management

Jeremy Spain - Sutherlands bond team

Gerard Sweeting
Gerard Sweeting is a Director of Wealth Management with over twenty-nine years of private client and institutional fund management experience.

The Matterley Team's in-house models are at the heart of what they do - meticulously assessing the assets and liabilities within a company and generating metrics based on the balance sheet. These produce a proprietary valuation framework which enables them to identify undervalued investments in both large and small companies. This framework engenders a strict buy and sell discipline.

The Collectives team was established in 2003. The team of investment managers and analysts has over 40 years of combined experience and conducts over 300 meetings with fund managers every year. The team is focused on finding the best funds from both the Investment Trust and Open-Ended universe.

Sutherlands was acquired by Charles Stanley in 2004, and the team has combined experience of over 170 years' advising top UK institutions in the City on fixed interest instruments.

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